The South Burnett – a bird watchers dream!

The area is ideally suited to bird watching with its diversity of habitats from dry rainforest, open woodlands, expansive water masses and soft vine scrub. Birdwatching locations include Lake Boondooma on the Okeden-Boondooma Road, Proston and Reinke Scrub, 2kms past the Proston State School, Rodney Street, Proston.

Birds you are likely to see in the area are:

Maned wood duck, buff-rumped thornbill, welcome swallow, double-barred finch, spangled drongo, black-breasted button-quail, bar-shouldered dove, red-capped robin, grey goshawk, striated pardalote, apostle birds, red-winged parrot, glossy-black cockatoo (endangered), red-tailed black cockatoo, yellow-tailed black cockatoo, peaceful doves, galah, rainbow lorikeet, magpie, rainbow bee eater, grey shrike-thrush, pied butcher bird, kookaburra, sulphur-crested cockatoo, wedgetail eagle, emu, quails, blue-faced honeyeaters, pale-headed rosella.

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