The following books about Proston can be viewed at the Proston Public Library. The library also holds a collection of family histories. Visit Library's webpage for opening times.

Heartbreak, Hope & Harmony: A History of Wondai Shire

By Dr Tony Matthews Ph.D. The book, a two volume set, was launched in March 2008.
The books can also be purchased from the Proston Library for $110.

An oral history cd collection has been produced in association with the research for the Heartbreak, Hope & Harmony publication. The audio cds, recorded in 2007, are available to borrow from the Proston Library.

People interviewed include:
Ruth Barton; WB 'Mick' Boisen; Gordon Buchanan; Winston Burrows; Beryl Carter;
David Carter; Francis Coe; Margaret Compagnoni; Matt Cranitch, Eric Cridland;
Allan 'Mick' Green; Charles Howlett; Alison Iszlaub; Percy Iszlaub; Alan Keates;
Teresa 'Tess' Kemp; Doris Lonsdale; Clarrie & Joyce Marquardt; Jim Mooney; Ivy Nolan; Charles 'Manny' Pidgeon; Carl Rackemann; Eric Radunz; Lorna Rickards; Joyce Sefton;
Amy Violet 'Vi' Smith; Beryl Smith; Norm Stimpson; Bill Taylor and Joyce Thomson.

Landscapes of Change: The History of the South Burnett

by Dr Tony Matthews Ph.D. (two volume set).

Wilderness to Wealth 1850–1950

This book by JE Murphy and EW Easton M.A. is a history of the Shires of Nanango, Kingaroy, Wondai, and Murgon.

The Big Scrub

A collection of historic stories about Durong and district from 1912 to 1977.

Developments of the Proston District

by Cliff Perkins.

Proston State School, 75 years, 1924 to 1999

Proston Show Society: 50 Years of Living History

Proston District Golf Club – Golden Jubilee, 1936 to 1986

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