Boondooma Homestead


Invitation: to family, friends and decendants of WW1 Soldiers with a connection to Boondooma Station to the Remembrance Day Ceremony and unveiling of plaques on 11 November 2021. Download the flyer for details (430kb pdf))


Step back in time 150 years!

The historic Boondooma Homestead and Museum is worth the short trip out of town, approximately 49kms west of Proston. The homestead is sited close to the Boyne River, a sizable watercourse which usually appears to be a dry bed of sand. As the Aborigines knew and the settlers of 1846 soon found out, good clear water was readily available just beneath the sands surface. Traditional Aboriginal inhabitants referred to the area as Boondooma, understood to mean a hole dug in the sand from which to obtain a drink.

In 1847 the Lawson brothers established Boondooma Station. Like most of the stations during that period, sheep were pastured, thus making wool their main income. Many of the shepherds employed by the Lawsons were of Chinese and German origin. Over time, with several changes of ownership, severe droughts, bushfires and the scourge of spear grass, Hereford cattle replaced the sheep.

Today people can visit the homestead and admire the fortitude and perseverance of the early settlers.

In addition to the homestead a stone building , The Stone Store, was constructed of roughly coursed random stone
by German stonemason Wilhelm Brill, between 1855 and 1858. It originally had a shingle roof which was replaced by corrugated iron in the 1870's believed to be one of Australia's earliest structures built to metric measurements, it was used for safe storage of supplies and is an important relic from early European settlement.

There is an old Post Office on site and is thought to have been constructed in the 1860's with extensions added in the 1950's, This structure is still relatively intact down to the letter posting hole through the door.

Boondooma Homestead is open for inspection: Everyday 9am - 4pm. Ph: 4168 0159 for enquiries.

Guided tours are usually possible for impromptu travellers depending on the availability of Caretaker or Staff. However, we would suggest you make an appointment, especially if you are travelling some distance. The Boondooma Homestead Complex has a very well appointed museum, showing local relics and an historic photographic display of years gone by.

Natural grass sites in an historical setting are available for tourists who wish to camp. Toilet facilities are available, however there are no showers. Pets are allowed if controlled.

Visit our website for booking details and more information.

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Boondooma Homestead

Some of the gardens at Boondooma Homestead
Boondooma Homestead garden
Close up of Boondooma Homestead verandah
homestead verandah
Boondooma Homestead front verandah
Boondooma Homestead front

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